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Don't Wait!  Put Solar Power on your House as quickly as you can....

Update: Our May 2014 electric bill just came in. Amount owed $20.00

 “In the last four to five years, there’s been a growing demand for green housing,” says Tom Ferstl, a commercial and residential real estate appraiser at Ferstl Valuation Services

Evaluating bills and what could be cut or reduced the first thing we came up with was getting rid of the Cable TV and going to an Antenna.  Five years later we've saved a ton of $$$ money getting rid of cable TV and being on the the Antenna with Free TV streaming on the computer.  Best of all we haven't missed a single thing we wanted to watch. 

One of the bills we evaluated and didn't think we could do much with was the Electric Bill.  Wrong!  We originally looked at buying a solar system for our home in Arizona which would take about 6-7 years to pay off the residual after rebates and then it starts to pay-off big time.  Then we found the Solar Power Lease Option.  These are Grid-tie solar systems vs solar storage systems, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both.  For us the "net-metering" and being able to sell our excess energy back to the power company was the deciding feature with a Grid-Tie solar system.

The way the solar lease works is you first get a solar quote done online and if it looks good you apply to your electric company for rebate money and they put you in a queue.  Once you are approved for the rebate money the solar company moves ahead and designs your final system and pulls permits.  Next, the system is installed and inspected, then the turn on day is scheduled. 

The best thing is the entire process from start to finish costs you NOTHING out of pocket!  Once the solar system is installed and turned on you pay the Solar company the lease monthly and your Electric company for whatever usage you had with them for the month.  There is no maintenance the entire term of the lease, if something breaks or isn't working correctly the solar company repairs it.  If you sell your house the new buyer will pick up the lease and it will enhance your homes ability to sell.  At the end of the lease you can either buy the system, renew the lease, or have them remove the system.  Do you save money??  I can only evaluate our system and bills as everyone will be different. Since we turned the system on in July of 2011 due to a combination of the solar production and incentives paid by the solar company we have reduced our annual power bill at the end of the day to $0.  Our fixed payment with the electric company used to be $180 per month or about $2200 annual cost.

It has cost us nothing to do this and the best thing is that most of the electricity we are using is Green!

Currently if you live in one of the following states, California, Arizona, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut, do yourself the biggest favor of all time and fill out the solar request form below and we'll get you on your way to examining what a Solar installation could do to help you.