Free TV Sources

 Installed Your HDTV Antenna?

Now How About Some Free TV?


Not only can you receive a plethora of over-the-air HDTV broadcast signals with your antenna, (at last check we were well over 40 channels), but there is just about everything you can think of available for download on the Internet.  We are coming up on the one year anniversary of getting rid of Cable TV and we haven't even noticed it's been gone.  I even watch Monday Night Football for free.

Following are some of the Free TV resources we've found and used successfully over the last year:

  • Hulu  -  Just a great free site for TV shows, movies, etc.  Tons of HGTV episodes available here.
  • HGTV - We were big HGTV fans when we had Cable TV, and there are a ton of Full Episodes available to watch on the HGTV website as well as on Hulu-HGTV.
  • WWITV - This is one incredible Free TV Website.  You can watch live broadcast TV from countries all around the world.  I watch ESPN US here quite a bit when I need my sports fix.  There is such a wealth of TV on this site I haven't even scratched the surface.
  • Fox - Wealth of episodes available for free on
  • CBS - Tons of current free programming available.
  • CBS Classics - How about the original Star Trek and Twilight Zone episodes?
  • NBC - Lots of regular season programming and NBC classics are available for free.
  • ABC - Current programming full episodes are available. 

There is enough free TV listed here to keep you on the couch for the next year!