Murphy Bed Project - Build Your Own

Build Your Own Murphy Bed

Well, with Christmas and Thanksgiving company coming I finally got busy and built the Murphy Bed from a kit that I ordered last spring.  I ordered the kit with all the mechanisms and plans from Create-a-Bed.  Price was $299 and it looks like they're still selling for about the same price. 

They include a "cut sheet" in the instructions and it's pretty easy to head in to buy your wood and have them do the major cuts for you at Home Depot or Lowe's.  The hardest thing about the kit was handling the large sheets of 3/4 Birch ply. You can buy the basic Murphy Bed kit or buy a completed Murphy Bed if you don't want to do it yourself on Amazon:

The first step was to build the mattress base pictured below:

 Next came the cutting and staining of all the Murphy bed frame pieces: (Shown pieces of the cabinet and headboard)

The mattress - bed frame:


Below the underneath of the bed frame which becomes the front of the Murphy Bed cabinet when closed and a closer shot of the hardware with the legs open.


Murphy bed completely assembled before installing the mattress.