Wisk Deep Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent is Amazing !!!

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When I read that Consumer Reports had rated Wisk Deep Clean so highly, I had to test it for myself !!

I live in Florida and the nights get a little warm, consequently, we were buying new pillow cases (for my side of the bed) every six months due to accumulated body oils and sweat stains (I know, gross, right). BTW, pillow cases aren't cheap (especially the good ones [600 tc.+ ]).

I was able to get my Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent  I removed the pillowcase from my side of the bed and soaked half of it in Wisk (full strength) for 24 hours, I then threw it in the washer with some other clothes and ran the normal cycle.

After the pillow case came out of the dryer you could clearly see the half which had been soaked and the half that hadn't been.

The pillow case LOOKED BRAND NEW !!!!  I actually  compared the soaked half to the inside of the hem which had been protected from the body oils. The difference was AMAZING !!!

We've been using Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent for about 8 months now and we LOVE IT !!!!!!

We always soak our sheets and pillow cases for an hour (automatic pre-soak setting) prior to the wash cycle and we've not had any issues with body oil buildup on my pillow cases.  Additionally, we really like how it makes the laundryroom smell while the washer is running and our clothes come out smelling nice and fresh without smelling too perfumey (like some other brands).

The Wisk Deep Clean also works wonders on normal stains as well, we've had stains removed from clothes that we thought were hopeless come out of the washer "stain free" after a simple pre-soak with Wisk Deep Clean.

My wife and I are truly impressed with Wisk's new Deep Clean formula !!!

Test it for yourself and post the results here to let us know what you think!