Rival Compact Steamer (Rival Fabric Steamer)

I bought this product to remove the window tint from my wife's car and my van. Obviously, NOT the intended use by the manufacturer! But, it did a GREAT JOB ! (Note: I bought this at the store for less than walmart.com's price.) When I started looking for a steamer I noticed that over 50% of the reviews for all brands were negative, several reviews noted machines that were DOA or died after a few uses. I was surprised by the entire category of steamers being rated so poorly. Anyway, I purchased the Rival because I knew they had lots of experience building reliable slow cookers (crockpots) and the steamer is, after all, only a heating element with a hose attached to it. First thing, out of the box, I was impressed with the weight and feel of the insulated (woven cloth covered) hose, this made a big difference handling the hose while I contorted in the back seat of my wife's car removing the window tint, the hose got hot but not so hot that I burned myself. Steam was produced after only a couple of minutes and the wand was very comfortable to handle. As long as you keep the hose cleared of condensation, (condensation flows back to the resevoir and if the hose is resting on the floor the raised water level will stop the flow of steam) by lifting the hose occaisonally, the steam flows constantly. By the way, the product comes with a good assortment of attachments (presumably to use on your clothing) which would be helpful if you bought it for it's intended use. Overall, the product is well built and designed. I expect it will last for quite some time, even though, I will probably find some other way to abuse it before my wife gets a chance to use it on her clothes.