MagicJack Plus Very Inexpensive Internet Phone Service


Get Rid of Expensive Home Phone Line without having to rely on Cell Phone!

We just replaced Vonage which had gotten way too expensive with MagicJack plus.  Almost identical VOIP phone service to Vonage, but with very little customer service.  Didn't have any issues hooking it up and even Ported our home phone number from Vonage to the new Magic Jack service in about a week.  Just plugge it into a computer to do the initial setup and porting of the phone number and it is now functioning.  So far the quality has been the same as Vonage and the options in the account control panel are excellent.  The renewal is $29.95 a year or you can get a 5 year renewal for $99 and it is $9.95 a year if you port your existing number.  Really good deal so far.  I'll keep you updated on the call quality as we progress.