How To Remove Auto Window Tint (Easy and Cheap Method)

Here's an easy way to remove Window Tint. It costs as much to have your window tinting film removed as it cost to have it installed in the first place! I needed to find a better (and cheaper) way to remove the window tint from my wife's Honda and my new van (my wife never really liked the window tint and the tinting in my new (used) van was so deteriorated that you had to roll down the driver's side window to see oncoming traffic). I found it, STEAM ! Here's how I did it... First, I bought a compact fabric steamer for $20 (see my review of the Rival Compact Fabric Steamer in the Products Review section).

Removing the window film is a relatively easy job, you need a couple of small hand tools and a good bit of patience, I have a small pick that is about 4 inches long and is bent at a right angle that was perfect for this job (you could also use a small screwdriver, an awl, or a bent paperclip). BEFORE YOU START, STEAM IS HOT AND YOU CAN GET BURNED -- BE CAREFUL !! Once you setup your steamer, you'll want to roll down the window about an inch, choose a top corner and apply steam to the inside of the window. Let the steam soften the adhesive that is holding the film to the window after 30 or 40 seconds try to get your pick or screwdriver under the corner of the window film (do this gently, you do not want to scratch the glass) and start to peel the film diagonally down the window. I found that the window film was actually comprised of two layers and that the top layer separated from the bottom layer quite easily, consequently, you need to be sure you are not leaving that second layer on the glass. The film should peel away rather easily, if it doesn't peel easily, steam it for a little while longer, let the steam do the work, you only need to pull gently on the film to remove it. When you get near the bottom of the window roll the window up so you can remove the bottom portion of the film. Tint installers cut the film long and stuff it below the bottom weather strip of the window, so you willl need to be patient when you get to the bottom edge, allow extra time for the steam to penetrate below the weather stripping and soften the adhesive. Once you have removed the film there may be some residual adhesive left on the glass, I used "Goo Gone" to soften and remove the adhesive residue. Finally, I cleaned the window with Windex and I was Done !!!!  Let me know how this worked for you by posting a comment.