Heart Rate Monitors USA

I ordered a birthday present for my son and it had to be here by 2 day shipping so I added the additional charge for 2 day shipping at Heart Rate Monitors USA  http://www.heartratemonitorsusa.com/

The site displayed a message that the order was sent right to their warehouse and you couldn't cancel the order because they ship right out.  (Now that is unprofessional!)  The next day I find a voicemail from Heart Rate Monitors USA telling me I had to call them.  They wanted to do more verification on my Credit Card even though my bank was showing they had processed the charge with no issue and it was pending shipment.  They had not shipped my son's birthday present and it now wouldn't make it in time.  I cancelled the order immediately and will never order from them again.  Major FAIL by another online etailer. Heart Rate Monitors USA

I went to Amazon.com right away and ordered it through my Prime account and it will be here tomorrow.  I already have the Amazon confirmation of shipment within hours of ordering.  Now that's the way you do business online!