Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Portable Campfire

Received this Camp Chef Propane Outdoor Portable Campfire for a Christmas present and have now used for years on campouts and at the cabin. This product is an absolute winner!  So wonderful to not have to fool with firewood especially at the prices campgrounds are charging for wood nowadays. The biggest bonus is that open campfires are now banned for most of the summer camping season due to the wildfire risks to our national forests.  These propane devices are allowed when their is a burn ban in place.  You'll have all kinds of new friends when you are the only campsite with a campfire. 

When you are away from the camp it looks just like a real campfire and the heat this baby puts out is better than a real campfire.  Of course, the womenfolk all loved the fact that there was no smoke blowing in their eyes and they could keep their chairs where they originally set them up.

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